Tree Removal

Healthy trees sometimes have to be removed for various and practical reasons. Maybe the lot has to be cleared to build; perhaps roots of a tree are causing damage to your property, there are many legitimate reasons to have healthy trees removed.

Trees that are sickly, impaired, or dead pose major hazards. Afflicted trees can infect surrounding plants and are more likely to topple over during storms. These ailing trees could easily cause structural damage. In addition, various kinds of pests often flock to ailing, dying trees. When any of these scenarios are the case, it’s time to call us and get the tree or trees removed.

Clearing Trees: Not a Do-it-yourself Project

Cutting down dead and damaged trees on your own is a bad idea and can ultimately be very dangerous. Without training and a complete set of tree removal gear and equipment, it would be easy for a large branch or even an entire tree to fall on your home, your neighbor’s home, or your body. Not to mention, dragging away the remnants of a tree and cleaning up afterwards can be grueling and extremely time-consuming task. We’re sure you have other ways you would rather be spending your time. The solution is to give us a call and let us handle all the details of your tree removal project on your property.

A Safe and Reliable Company

Not all tree removal businesses are equal in quality ― not by a long shot. We are confident that our company, Maine Tree Solutions, consistently reflects the tree removal industry’s highest standards. We hold the necessary licenses and the requisite insurances. Most important, we’re committed to stringent safety measures, and we have an accident-free history.

Courtesy and Cleanliness Are Key

As a client; you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. To that end, we always arrive promptly, and we never waste time. Plus, we’ll completely clean up any tree removal remnants on the property after the job is done. On top of that, should you have any questions about the removal procedure, we’ll be happy to provide a full explanation that explains in depth how we’ll solve your situation. Such practices have earned us a glowing reputation by way of word of mouth and online reviews. We can supply plenty of references if requested.

Details Make the Difference

In short, we take great pride in doing the most thorough work possible. For example, once we take away a tree, we’ll make sure that we get the stump as low to the ground as we can. What’s more, due to our highly sophisticated techniques and equipment, we can work on any day of the year no matter the weather. Working year round helps us solve our client’s needs no matter what the situation.

Over time, we’ve cleared and removed countless trees for satisfied and grateful customers in Bangor, Maine and the surrounding communities, and we’ve truly valued our relationships with those individuals.

Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary estimate or to learn more about the process of tree removal.

Travel Radius: We currently service residential and commercial customers preferably within a 40 mile radius of Bangor, Maine, but we will consider other locations.

What Our Customers Say

We were delighted that you showed up on time, with equipment in good working order and by your knowledge and use of safety and climbing equipment. Paula and I were pleased and impressed with the professional, safe approach you took in removing the three trees carefully from the top down. I have no doubt that your professional attitude and knowledgeable, determined approach serves you well in your tree service business. I will be sure to refer our solar customers to you for tree services.

Clayton Cole -- President of Solartechnic Contractors, Inc