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Patrick Deighan, the owner of Maine Tree Solutions, is a lifelong resident of Newburgh, Maine. He graduated from the University of Maine. He is a first-class landscape and utility arborist.

The company’s goal is to provide excellent customer service from start to finish. One area where many companies come up short is in the clean-up. Therefore, at Maine Tree Solutions, we prioritize providing the best clean-up and the lowest stumps possible.

Many companies depend entirely on bucket trucks to gain access to the trees they work on. This means they rely on dry weather so they can drive on your lawn. Even though these types of trucks can speed up tree work, you often find yourself waiting a long time if it is a rainy season.

Because we specialize in climbing and rigging, we are available 365 days a year. No more waiting around for the grass to dry or snow to melt! We offer free estimates and consultations to manage and improve the trees on your property.

Maine Tree Solutions is fully insured with a general liability policy. We’re always ready to help. Please contact us with any questions or to set up a time for a free estimate at your convenience.

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