Tree Pruning

Pruning is key to tree and property maintenance. To prune is to cut back dead, weakened, or unwanted branches in order to maintain health, aesthetics, and in the case of fruit trees, productivity. Most branch breakage and tree collapse during winter storms can be prevented with regular pruning. Here in Maine, winter storms are inevitable. Protect your trees, your assets, and yourself from damage and injury by having your trees pruned. At Maine Tree Solutions, we specialize in climbing without the aid of bucket trucks. This allows us to cleanly access any part of your property any time of the year. Don’t wait until the damage is done, call us for a free estimate today! We serve the greater Bangor area.

Crown Cleaning and Thinning

When pruning, diseased, dying, or dead branches are the first to go. Cutting them out prevents fungal infections from spreading and allows the tree to efficiently heal itself. Dead wood also attracts unwanted insect pests to the tree. It is the weak point through which infestations begin. Dead and dying branches are also liable to fall and cause damage to your property, especially during storms.

Overcrowded branches that crisscross and are in contact with one another require thinning. Smart thinning maximizes sunlight to every branch and increases air flow through the crown. This keeps branches dry and prevents fungal infections. Good sun exposure also fuels the tree’s growth. When crown thinning, we retain the healthiest, best placed branches and support the tree’s natural structure. Thinning also reduces the weight on those larger structural branches that, as Mainer’s know, can so easily snap during a winter storm. Don’t let heavy snow take your trees down! We can help.

Crown Raising and Reduction

Another reason to prune is to remove those lower nuisance branches that hit the tops of vehicles, get in the way of lawn mowing, or obscure that beautiful view from your home or camp. We’ll cut those bottom branches out. When the tree is simply too big, we can reduce crown size by pruning back longer branches to smaller and shorter laterals. Crown reduction is the healthiest way create a smaller tree. It also retains the tree’s natural structure. Instead of one big cut, we evenly trim all around the crown. About one third of a tree can be cut back per year. Depending on the size of your tree and its needs, pruning can be a multi-year process. We’ll help you create a management plan when we come over to give you your free estimate. Just give us a call.

Your property should be beautiful and functional and your assets safe from damage. Maine Tree Solutions will accommodate any of your pruning needs.

Travel Radius: We currently service residential and commercial customers preferably within a 40 mile radius of Bangor, Maine, but we will consider other locations.

What Our Customers Say

Patrick Deighan of Maine Tree Solutions cut six pine trees from our property and cleaned them up beyond our expectations. We had a well and fence underneath the trees that received no damage. He was an excellent worker and worked non-stop until the job was done.

Ralph & Jean Arbo -- Hampden