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Tree Lot Management

How do you value your wood lot? Is it a financial asset? A place of leisure and recreation? Or an ecological haven? Maine Tree Solutions can assist in all of the above, shaping the land to your vision.

Lot Clearing

Are you looking to build a home, camp, or business on your property? Our process for land clearing is quick and straightforward. We can haul the logs out in chunks, prepare them to be dragged out as timber, or leave them where they fall. We chip the brush on-site or take it away.

You may want to clear an area for forest management purposes. By clearing, you can get firewood or even marketable timber while creating a new habitat for animals. In the long term, it allows you the flexibility to shape your future tree stand.

The new wildlife habitat can be a hunter’s dream. Deer love to munch on the tender shoots of young trees. Birds, like grouse and woodcock, take shelter in the grass.

After clearing, you can select healthy, profitable trees by controlling which species grow. We set a fixed daily rate for clearing. Contact us for a free estimate.

Build a Trail

Whether you hike, ski, or snowmobile, you’ll need a trail. As with land clearing, we can take the logs and brush away or leave them as-is. Have us chip the brush, then spread it on the trail as a walkway. Wood chips suppress new growth while providing excellent nutrition for the forest floor.

Thin for Health & Profit

Logging and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Through intelligent cutting, you can provide yearly firewood, improve your timber’s quality, and enhance your trees’ health. Think of your wood lot as a single organism in need of pruning.

When unwanted trees are cut out, those that remain flourish in the increased space and added light. They’ll grow faster and be ready to harvest sooner. We start the process by removing weak, diseased, or dead trees. Then, we cut out unwanted species.

These include invasive species like the Norway Maple or trees that make poor firewood or timber. You will also want to harvest the trees that are ready for sale or use. Cut them out when they’re at an adequate size to make way for new growth.

Benefits of Chipping

Whether you’re clearing land, building a trail, or thinning your lot, we recommend on-site chipping. Wood chips stimulate the fungal decomposition necessary for forest soil health. 

Travel Radius

We currently service residential and commercial customers, preferably within a 40-mile radius of Bangor, Maine, but we will consider other locations. Whatever your lot management needs, contact us for a free estimate.

What Our Customers Say

Patrick came to our home and gave us a free estimate to trim two trees and remove one near a power line. Patrick removed the tree, trimmed the other two, and picked up the debris. We were happy with his work and ended up hiring him again to remove three trees and clean-up. We would recommend Patrick for your tree removal needs.

Mike & Jean Richards - Holden, ME
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